Ricardo Lara has been committed to ensuring that all Californians have access to clean, drinkable water, as well as advancing efforts that benefit the robust agriculture industry in California.

- Authored SB 498 to help the state reach its 75% waste reduction goal by providing incentives for the development of cleaner and more efficient technologies in California for converting biomass materials, such as yard waste and tree trimmings, into renewable energy.

- Co-authored AB 1471, which placed a water bond before voters a historic effort to provide crucial funding to revitalize California’s water infrastructure, including new water storage, regional projects, groundwater cleanup, recycling projects, and delta restoration and protection. It became Proposition 1 in 2014, and was overwhelmingly approved by California voters.

- Co-authored AB 2561, which ensured that people have the ability to grow edible fruits and vegetables at home for personal use.  In addition, the bill helped increase access to fresh produce for all Californians, especially those in low-income areas.