Ricardo Lara has been committed to ensuring that California has a 21st Century transportation infrastructure, despite decades of inaction at the federal level.

- Authored a component of SB1, the landmark law that created an historic long-term funding plan for state and local transportation infrastructure priorities.  Lara’s bill that required proof of compliance with California’s Truck and Bus Regulation as a condition of DMV registration, similar to smog certification requirements for most vehicles on the road today, was incorporated in SB1.

- Authored SB 1273, which revamped California’s Low Cost Auto Insurance program to improve the safety of our roads and ensure that all Californians have access to affordable automobile insurance. The enhancements to the program enabled many more low-income Californians to be eligible for the Low Cost program.

- Authored SB 1204 to foster the development of technology that will allow every Californian to breathe cleaner air while reducing the financial burden to transition to zero emission trucks, buses and off-road equipment. The bill specifically targeted projects in disadvantaged communities, which are directly impacted by poor air quality.