Fought for Pandemic Relief for Consumers and Small Businesses

·       AUTO PREMIUM REBATES: Ordered insurance companies to refund premiums to motorists and businesses reflecting reduced risk of loss due to “stay at home” directives. This provided more than $1.2 billion in savings to policyholders, with more expected.    

·       HEALTH PREMIUM REBATES: Mandated health insurance companies to refund portions of their record profits received during the pandemic back to their policyholders, including small businesses and families struggling financially. As insurers sit on unprecedented billions in profits, those funds need to be reimbursed to struggling consumers.

·       WORKERS COMP REFORM: Adopted emergency workers' compensation reforms to reduce premium charges on businesses and allow them to correctly reclassify their workers, if duties have changed under the pandemic. This action has created savings for our front-line employers in the health care, agriculture, and service industries.

·       ELIMINATED COVID SURPRISE BILLING: Ordered health insurance companies to eliminate cost-sharing, including surprise “balance bills,” on patients for COVID screening and testing, as well as pushed for a 60-day grace billing period for auto, home, health, and commercial policies to allow struggling Californians to maintain their coverage.

·       PROTECTED BUSINESS CLAIMS: Required insurance companies to fairly investigate all business interruption insurance claims caused by COVID-19.


Fought for Wildfire Survivors

·       CREATED FIRE INSURANCE PROTECTION: Acted to protect millions of wildfire survivors by preventing insurance companies from non-renewing their homeowners’ policies as they try to recover and rebuild their lives. Currently 2.4 million policyholders – approximately 20% of policies in the state – are protected from non-renewal or cancellation for one year.

·       EXPANDED HOMEOWNERS’ INSURANCE: Convened first-ever investigatory hearing on wildfire insurance to push for lasting solutions for homeowners who can’t find and keep their insurance as well as ordered the FAIR Plan – California’s insurer of last resort – to provide homeowners with increased insurance coverage limits and more options to purchase meaningful policies.

·       EXPEDITED REIMBURSEMENTS: Sponsored new laws to remove red tape for wildfire survivors, including expanding immediate reimbursements and living expense payments for survivors, reducing

onerous inventory itemization of a homeowner’s lost personal items and creating a 60-day grace period for policyholders to make premium payments.


Fought for Groundbreaking Climate Policies

·       REBUILD SUSTAINABLE INFRASTRUCTURE: Created the Climate Insurance Working Group to recommend innovative insurance solutions prioritizing nature as a climate defense strategy by investing in natural infrastructure such as forests, coastal marshes, and wetlands to reduce the ongoing threat of wildfires, floods, mudflows, extreme heat, and sea-level rise facing our state.

·       PLANNING FOR CLIMATE CHANGE RISK: Partnered with the United Nations' Principles of Sustainable Insurance Initiative to develop California's Sustainable Insurance Roadmap, a groundbreaking plan that forges new policy ideas promoting climate-smart insurance products, climate risk disclosure, sustainable investments, and risk management tools.

·       CREATED GREEN DATABASE: Launched a pioneering green insurance product database listing more than 400 products available to consumers and businesses that harness new green technologies and promote resilience. 

·       SET NATIONAL STANDARDS: Established and co-chair the Executive Task Force on Climate Risk and Resilience at the National Association of Insurance Commissioners to help lead the national movement on climate change and insurance.


Fought for Healthcare Expansion and Equity

·       COVERED BIRTH CONTROL: Ensured health insurance companies provide contraceptive coverage without patient cost-sharing despite the U.S. Supreme Court's decision to uphold the Trump Administration's rule against contraceptive coverage.

·       PROTECTED MAIL ORDER PRESCRIPTION DRUGS: Guaranteed access for mail-in order prescription and drug refills in response to the ongoing attacks by the Trump Administration on the U.S. Postal Service and maintained important consumer protections for expanded health access, maximized telehealth, and increased network provider adequacy.

·       CREATED EQUITY: Eliminated discrimination against people living with HIV from accessing life and disability income insurance, ensured transgender youth have coverage and access to gender-affirming medical care, and required health insurance companies to cover HIV PrEP medications without patient cost-sharing.

·       SUPPORTING HEALTH FOR ALL: Co-leading national efforts at the National Association of Insurance Commissioners to increase access to healthcare and fair treatment for the undocumented, LGBTQ+, people of color, women, farmworkers, and other underrepresented communities.