A champion for educational equity, civil rights and immigrant rights, Ricardo has worked on legislation and national programs that improve the quality of life for all Californians.

Improving Quality and Access to Education

Education is the reason I have the privilege to serve my constituents today in the California Senate. Understanding the value of a quality education has made me a staunch advocate for educational equity and affordability. A strong and educated work force is the key to advancing our state’s economy and creating a stronger California in the 21st Century.

Promoting Equity and Protecting Civil Rights

As a member of the California Senate, I am proud to have worked on policies that promote civil rights and support equality for all Californians regardless of race, sex, immigration status, sexual orientation or class. I have not stopped fighting for a student’s constitutional right to a free public education and work tirelessly to ensure equity for all Californians.

Ensuring Greater Government Transparency and Protecting Taxpayer Dollars

Californians deserve a transparent government that is free of corruption. Oversight is a critical component to increasing accountability and transparency in all levels of state Government. To be effective in doing the work of California we must have no doubt that representatives are acting with dignity and trustworthy.

Improving the Quality of Life for Working Families

It is clear that to survive past the devastating economic downturn, Californians want jobs. They want to work, provide for their families and be self-sufficient. My actions must bring jobs to our communities and protect the livelihood of working families. I am proud of the partnerships I have built with labor and the work we’ve accomplished together.

Protecting our Environment, Water Quality and Access

California is at the forefront of environmental policies that ensure clean air, clean water, clean soil, waste reduction, and protection from toxic substances. Awareness of California’s environmental policies is key to understanding evolving approaches to addressing the issue of environmental protection and all that it encompasses.

Expanding Access to Health Care

California’s economic future depends on the health of everyone. Although we’ve made enormous strides with the Affordable Care Act, a significant portion of our state’s population remain uninsured. It is critical that we continue to find ways to expand access to quality, affordable health care coverage for all Californians.