Lara Campaign Launches Statewide Ads Touting Endorsements from Planned Parenthood, Firefighters, Nurses and Teachers

LOS ANGELES, CA – Today the campaign to Re-elect Insurance Commissioner Ricardo Lara launched two ads statewide, touting his extensive endorsement list from firefighters, teachers and nurses; as well as an ad about his groundbreaking efforts directing insurance companies to provide billions in premium relief to drivers during the pandemic.

Below are the transcripts of those ads:

Ad #1:

The people we trust with our lives and our health trust Ricardo Lara as our Insurance Commissioner.

Endorsed by Planned Parenthood, Firefighters, Nurses and Teachers…

Ricardo Lara is an Insurance Commissioner on our side.

Watch the ad here.

Ad #2:

When we weren’t driving during the pandemic, insurance companies tried to get away with charging California drivers full price.

But Insurance Commissioner Ricardo Lara stopped them cold.

Lara directed insurance companies to provide premium relief and rebates—saving California drivers $2.4 billion dollars.

Empty streets shouldn’t lead to massive profits for insurance companies.

Ricardo Lara: An Insurance Commissioner fighting for us and delivering results.

Watch the ad here.

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